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In the south of the province, on the limit of the two Castiles, is this small village that belongs to the municipality of Miño de Medinaceli along with Conquezuela and Ventosa del Ducado. Rural depopulation and abandonment have transformed these southern lands. Ambrona only had 13 inhabitants in the census of the National Statistical Institute in January 2015. This meagre homestead shows traditional stonework construction with small lintelled windows which were once plastered. The houses form around the church of San Ginés on streets with very eloquent names: La Fuente Street, Fragua Square, Nogueras Square or Museum Avenue.


Some seasonal and permanent streams like the Mentirosa Stream flow around this town located on the foothills of the Ministra Mountain Range. Less than two kilometres to the north-east, surrounded by tilling lands, you can find a lagoon called Laguna de la Sima, also known as Laguna de Ambrona, and the depression that has formed it, which is part of the Catalogue of Humid Areas in Castile and Leon.


Many flocks of sheep pass through Ambrona on the Eastern Sorian Royal Drovers’ Road on their way towards the Andalusian pastures in winter. This drovers’ road, more than 800 kilometres long, is the longest one in the Iberian Peninsula.


More than 400,000 years ago, a group of Homo Heidelbergensis, similar to the hominids in Atapuerca, gathered, hunted and used the resources of the land in a valley with plenty of humid areas.


According to scientists, the archaeological-paleontological site of Ambrona and Torralba is one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe to learn about the Lower Paleolithic era. There are many skeletal and lithic remains, and its unusual in situ exhibition make this site an exceptional space to learn about and enjoy history.

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