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Ribera del Duero Wine. Designation of Origin.

It is a crime to pass by Soria and not try some of its incomparable wines. They don’t say that Soria has liquid gold for nothing.


In 1982, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food granted Ribera del Duero wines a Designation of Origin status thanks to an initiative carried out by the vine growers themselves who were concerned with the quality of their wines and wanted to promote and commercialise them.


The Regulating Council ensures that the bottles with their authenticity stamp go through a rigorous production process and it promotes the brand both in the Spanish territory and internationally. It also funds research to investigate processes that could potentially improve its quality. The labels and back labels of Ribera del Duero wine are made in the Spanish National Mint, with invisible ink marked on the label in order to guarantee authenticity. This way, consumers can rest assured that they are acquiring one of the best Spanish wines.


The wine grape varieties that are mainly used to produce this wine are known as Tinta del País and Albillo. However, the Regulating Council also accepts a small amount of French must and Grenache grapes. These varieties give place to four very differentiated types of wine:


Young wines, that can be red or rosé, matured in a barrel less than 12 months that give them their fresh and light texture and their characteristic fruity flavour with a hint of acidity.


Crianza wines, with an intense fruity aroma that must undergo a maturation process of one year minimum in an oak barrel.


Reserve wine can only be sold after at least 36 months of ageing in a barrel and then in the bottle.


Grand Reserve wines mature a total of 60 months, 24 in the barrel and 36 in the bottle. Weather conditions play a big part in how the vine grows as well as how the grape matures. Moderate rainfalls, dry summers and long cold winters that are characteristic of Soria favourably impact the quality of the grape harvest as well as the quality of its wines.


Due to this incomparable quality, the region’s wines are used to elaborate certain delicacies such as obispos (bishops), which are similar to Spanish torrijas, tinada which is a sort of sweet broth, or zurracapote, Soria’s most characteristic local beverage.


Ribera del Duero Wine. Designation of Origin.
Ribera del Duero Wine. Designation of Origin.

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