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San Millán Watchtower (Velilla de los Ajos)

You can still see remains of this circular watchtower of about 6 metres in diameter with 1.8-metre-thick walls. The walls are made of ashlar and limestone. It stands merely 2 metres tall on one of its sides, meanwhile, the western part is almost completely dismantled.


Nearby, there are many remains of structures, for example, the interesting hole excavated into a rock that could have been a rectangular water cistern. The structures once were attached to the tower and were possibly related to the uninhabited town of San Millán.


From this tower, you can see the Borque Stream, the access to the Douro Valley from Nágrima. From there you could see the Douro River, Maján and Bliecos, which also has a watchtower near its chapel.

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