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San Miguel Tower (Yanguas)

This tower is the only part that is left of what was once a Romanesque church torn down in the 19th century. It is located in the northern part of the town centre, near the church of Santa María and the Cidacos River, right in front of the majestic hillock of San Cristóbal.


The tower sticks out in the middle of a beautiful landscape. It has a rectangular floor plan and is made of ashlar stone. The lower section has round arches which were once used to connect the tower with a nave. The other door is located high up and was used to access the bell tower.


Two elongated ashlar bricks on the inner walls of the lower section have inscriptions that allude to the church and the year 1184 of the Hispanic era, 1146 of the Christian era, which possibly indicates the year of the temple’s construction.


The upper section has two rounded openings and the lower one has simple ones. The upper windows have a columned mullion and capitals decorated with plant motifs and balls.


Nowadays, the tower is a diaphanous space so we can see how the upper section is covered by a corbel vault with courses. The roof has four eaves with tiles that are placed on a smaller one supported by simple cantilevers. Some of the original church’s nave’s foundation stones are still attached to the tower.


The type and style of this structure follow the canons of the Pirenaica area: overlapping windows and the slenderness of the ensemble, far from the robust prototypes of Castilian towers.

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