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Church of San Lorenzo (Yanguas)

The temple is located near the town square and it is one of the four churches, along with Santa María, San Miguel and San Pedro, that the village had.


The church of San Lorenzo was erected in ashlar stone with a Gothic style. It only has one nave organised into three separate sections by pointed arches covered with star-ribbed domes. The structural elements that make up this church were painted grey and white, following artistic trends in the region.


The sanctuary has a polygonal floor plan with five walls and a six-star-ribbed dome above it. The ribbing is decorated with small heraldic elements and is supported by cantilevers decorated with floral elements.


The nave has many spaces such as lateral chapels, three to the north and others to the south, that continue the Gothic aesthetic throughout the church covered in star-ribbed domes.


One of the northern chapels is the extension of the major chapel and has a similar polygonal shape on the eastern side but with three walls. Inside, there are many Renaissance and Baroque altarpieces that decorate the temple’s chapels.


The façade is located in the central part of the nave’s southern wall. It is made up of a smooth rounded arch just like the only archivolt that decorates it and just as the jambs which support it. Above it, there is a carved chambranle. In the archivolt’s keystone, there is a small head that seems to pull its hair or



The ashlar tower that is attached to the north-eastern part of the building has a quadrangular floor plan separated into three sections. The lower one is a compact structure, separated immediately from the middle one by an impost block. The two upper levels have rounded openings, one of them blind and the other one holding the bells.


Inside there is a Romanesque baptismal font with a cylindrical base. It has a semi-spherical cup decorated with engravings on the opening and a continuous frieze of rounded arches on top of small schematic capitals.


The parish was the meeting place for the Council of Burgs and Land of Yanguas, and here was where an arc locked with four padlocks was kept.

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