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Church of Saint Peter (Torrearévalo)

This stone building was erected with a single nave covered with a wooden ceiling and a straight sanctuary domed with tiercerons. The northern wall opens up with a rounded arch to a chapel covered with a semi-spherical dome over spandrels. The southern wall has a pointed double rounded arch guarded by a sturdy portico with lintels. The ensemble is finished off with an ashlar tower attached to the southern wall. This tower has a quadrangular floor plan and is made up of two bodies; the lower one has rounded openings on the southern wall and the upper body has simple or double openings where the bell tower is located.


Inside, there are Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical altarpieces and an enormous Romanesque baptismal font from the end of the 12th century. This baptismal font is similar to the ones that can be found in Ventosa de la Sierra, Villaraso, Pobar, Narros and Cortos. It has a truncated cone decorated on the opening with embossments and zig-zag patterns. The central part is decorated with intertwined rounded arches and you can see the sculptor’s signature engraved on the upper part, something quite uncommon in the province.

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