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Church of Saint Peter (Pedro)

Pedro is a linear town, divided into two streets, called Arzobejo and La Iglesia, which organise the village leading to the town hall, and a little bit further, almost outside of the village, to the church.


The parochial church was built with ashlar stone after the Middle Ages, possibly between the 15th and 16th centuries. The church has three naves and a quadrangular sanctuary with wooden ceilings and lattices. The western gable is made up of a three-bodied belfry framed by a line of ashlar stone of proportions that differ from the rest of the ensemble. On the lower section, there are two rounded openings with great keystones that mark the wall’s axis. The lower one is blind whereas the upper one is decorated with balls on the upper surface. The belfry seems to ascend like a staircase laterally onto the second section, and the third is topped off with a gable with three rounded loopholes where the bells are located.


A modern portico protrudes from the façade with an open triple rounded arcade. These arches are quite wide and they rest on smooth cymatia, which in turn are supported by polygonal shafts attached to a continuous plinth. The central opening is the entryway and it is located in front of the temple’s main entrance.


The façade presents a Renaissance style with round lowered arch as the entryway surrounded by moulding that extends to the jambs. Many attached columns over the baseboard, pedestal and base support an embellished entablature with rosettes, a decorative element that repeats throughout the spandrels. The decoration is finished off with torches on the sides and a vase in the centre above the cornice.

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