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Church of Saint Peter the Apostol (Las Cuevas de Soria)

Located in the northern part of the village, outside the town centre and near the Izana Canyon is this 16th-century building which was restored in the 18th century, although the original building was Romanesque.


It was built in stone with a Latin cross floor plan, a quadrangular sanctuary and only one nave covered by a wooden ceiling. The ceilings are domes with lunettes in the nave and the transept’s crossing, and a dome on top of spandrels in the intersection.


The façade and arcaded gallery belong to the original construction. The former is quite simple and only has one arch used as an entryway and smooth rounded archivolts. Both of these structures are supported by cymatia and jambs with no decorative elements whatsoever.


On the southern wall, there is an attached arcaded gallery which was possibly rebuilt there. The arches rest on robust abutments separated by a simple impost block. The main archway has three arches to the east and two to the west, and a continuous podium holds the abutments’ support.


A series of Scotia cantilevers support the cornice in this gallery that does not contain columns, a curious feature that this church and the chapel of San Miguel in Gormaz, the church of Fuentelsaz or the church of Santa María de Tiermes all have in common. Two other examples of this type of gallery in Castile and Leon can be found in Santibáñez del Val, Burgos and Celada de Robledo in Palencia.


The bell tower stands at the end of the temple towards the west. Two rounded loopholes hold the bells and the upper part of this belfry is decorated with pyramids and balls.

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