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Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Arcos de Jalón)

This church was built in the 16th century in stone by Master Urquiza, builder of the nearby temple of Aquaviva. In the 18th century, it was modified following Baroque techniques.


It only has one nave divided into three sections, a polygonal sanctuary with three walls, and an ample presbytery. The nave is domed with lunettes from the 18th century and the sanctuary has Gothic ribbed vaulting. In the presbytery, the transverse arches are connected with keystones and they rest on semi-columns with simple capitals, however, in the sanctuary, the rest on great cantilevers.


On the southern wall of the presbytery, there is an elongated window with typically Gothic features such as a wide interior opening.


The main façade on the northern wall has a Renaissance style entryway, with a rounded arch decorated with moulding as if it were archivolts that continue along the jambs. Above the arch, there is a small niche that is closed off with a scallop-shaped element.


Under the double-bodied belfry, rounded loopholes decorated with pyramids and balls hold the bells.

Inside the church, there are Baroque altarpieces attached to the walls. There is also a Baroque Major Altarpiece with painted tableaus and polychromatic carvings that occupy the central section, and an attic between Solomonic columns. The baptismal font is possible from the 16th or 17th century and there is an organ with bone and ebony keys, made by Juan Francisco Verdalonga in the 18th century.

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Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

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