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Chapel of San Mamés (Montenegro de Cameros)

This Romanesque chapel was built on a cemented terrace with ashlar reinforcing the corners of the building and forming the window openings. It only has one nave and a semi-circular sanctuary preceded by a straight presbytery which is very typical of the folk Romanesque style. Its main façade faces south though on it, there is only a slightly pointed archway and a triple archivolt placed on pilasters.


There is a loophole that disrupts part of the compact apse finished off with a series of cantilevers with balls, scotia, pillories and other geometric motifs that support the eaves.


The same geometric designs decorate the presbytery and other features are introduced such as barrels, or human and animal heads.


Inside a pointed and folded arch on top of semi-columns attached to each other where you can still see Gothic images. This archway leads to the pointed barrel-vaulted presbytery and the apse is covered by a semi-dome. On both sides of the walls that separate the nave and sanctuary, there are apsidioles or contemporary Romanesque niche-chapels that surround the arch of triumph. They were excavated in the walls in the shape of a pointed arch with a flat base. They are decorated in a similar way to the arch of triumph with pieces of ashlar or remains of Christ Pantocrator on the dome of the north apsidiole. There are few examples left of this type of layout, where many secondary altars were needed in buildings with only one nave. This Sorian solution can also be found in San Nicolás, San Juan de Rabanera and La Mayor, in the capital, in San Miguel de Almazán, in the parochial church of Fuentelfresno and in the chapels of San Marcos and Virgen de Olmacedo in Ólvega, and in Santos Mártires in Garray.


In the 80s, during excavations in the temple’s necropolis, a small golden copper figurine was found and now is part of the collection that can be visited in the Numantia Museum in Soria.

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