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Chapel of the Martyr Saints (Las Cuevas de Soria)

This chapel is located on a small hill among holm oak trees, or carrascas, as they are known in this province, guarding the access to the Izana Canyon. A hill nearby that looks like this hill’s twin called Castro was the habitat of ancient civilisations during the Iron Ages.


This small chapel dedicated to Sergio, Baquio, Marcelo and Apuleo was built with a single rectangular nave and a quadrangular sanctuary in stonework with solid walls that only have small elongated windows. Ashlar stone is placed on the corners and around the openings.


The relics of the four saints are in the mid-sections of the round-bodied pieces that represent the Martyr Saints.


A small rustic portico with a wooden ceiling protects the humble main façade with a rounded arch and a great lowered keystone on smooth jambs.


A window in the sacristy has a Roman stele as a lintel with an inscription that refers to the Titulla Epitaph that reads S VALERIAE TITVLLAE/…ATAE AN XII/…TRESORORI FC.


The belfry is attached to the western stone wall. The upper part is topped with a triangular structure and rounded double loopholes decorated with pyramids and balls for the bells.

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