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Located in the north-east part of the province, on the foothills of the mountain ranges Alcarama and Las Cabezas, and near the Alhama and Valdeprado rivers, is the village of Cerbón. Between these terraced hills there is a plain where the villagers till the “earth that brings forth bread”.


The landscape is influenced by the Iberian System that seems to lose altitude and begins to form soft mountain ridges which not so long ago were grazed by sheep. The farming grasslands alternate with open spaces occupied by bushes, and the forestation of oak, juniper, beech and pine trees. Among its fauna we can find deer, wild boars, roe deer, and other smaller species such as foxes, hares, rabbits, partridges, quails and wood pigeons.


During the Middle Ages it belonged to the Community of Burgs (Comunidad de Villa) and to the land of Magaña, one of the smallest municipalities in the province of Soria with only five villages: Cerbón, Fuentes de Magaña, Las Fuesas, Valtajeros and Torretarrancho.


Historical documentation found in the 19th century describe Cerbón as a rugged land surrounded by tall hills and exposed to Mount Moncayo, a mountain charged deep with symbolism for the villagers and civilizations that once lived here.


Cerbón’s church, which was once devoted to San Pedro de la Carrasca, is now dedicated to Saint Peter the Apostol (San Pedro Apóstol). It is reminiscent of the holm oak trees, solid, resistant and long-lived, and traditionally considered as a sacred symbol. These trees meant life; their acorns meant nourishment for all the shepherds and their flock.


The crowded houses are stacked with almost pitch black ashlar cladding. On their walls, there are small lintelled openings for purposes such as illumination, ventilation and protection from the frosty winter winds.

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