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Soria in Europe
Soria in Europe
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Soria in Spain
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Cebollera Lagoon

Land of Soria

The province of Soria has a total of 10,306 km2 of beautiful and unique landscapes.


The province’s geographical features are very irregular which translates to a heterogeneous environment that ranges from high mountains to deep valleys as well as the characteristic summer grasslands. Forests and streams that are perfect for hunting and fishing. Secluded areas where one can take a break from the stressful rhythm of city life. Natural protected areas where you can find various plant and animal species. Everything you can imagine is in Soria.


Its climate, as well as the scenery, is quite irregular making it possible to divide the province into clearly defined spaces.First of all, we have Tierras Altas, the mountain range located between Mount Moncayo and the Urbión Peak, which you can cross through countless mountain passes in an area characterised by wintry landscapes.


To the west is what is known as Soria Verde where the largest forest of the Iberian Peninsula is located, the main reason why most of the province’s timber industry takes place, and why it is the best option for rural tourism.


The eastern part of the province, once a shepherding area, is now almost desolate, although the villages still maintain their traditional charm.


In the south there are high peaks, whereas in the centre there are vast cereal plains and wine production in the area of Ribera del Duero.


Finally, the capital city, Soria, is a calm and pleasant place where you can appreciate artistic remnants from its period of splendour: the Middle Ages.


The diversity of its climate and landscapes contribute to the province’s offer of recreational activities and sports. It is the perfect place to do your favourite activities in the middle of a spectacular environment that mixes nature and history.


Diputación de Soria (Desarrollo Económico y Turismo)

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